A work in progress BL Visual Novel about two teenagers and their relationship over the course of time.

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Lemmasoft Thread

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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates! I’ve recently been an a vacation with little internet access, but the good news is I’ve gotten all the CG complete and fixed the notes brought back from the beta testing. Currently, I’m nitpicking through the game one last time and adding in some other things, like the credits and maybe redoing a sprite. Sooo in that case, hopefully I can get it released by next week! *crossing my fingers* Thanks everyone for putting up with me. :’^D

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Beta testers?

Happy to say that I’ve lined all the CG and now I’ve just got to color them. So in the meantime I’m searching for some beta testers! I wouldn’t mind if a follower over here is interested in doing that, at maximum I’d like three people who can:

  • Play up to the end of the game (probably one for each person).
  • Catch any mess ups like spelling, glitches, etc.
  • Some additional questions I’ll have to fill out (how long was the play through, replay value, etc…)
  • Any other opinions and anything else I should know before I release it.

If you’re interested you can send me an ask! After I send you the game download, you can give your comments via a document, email or LemmaSoft inbox message. (I’d prefer any those over a fanmail on tumblr.)


I’ve missed the deadline I made for myself because of falling behind. :P Good thing is, though, I’ve gotten a lot done while trying to organize a checklist every day for myself. Let’s see how far I can get in a week!

Here’s what I’ve gotten done so far:

  • The two sprites I was working on are done
  • The rest of the CG is either sketched or lined

I’ll be trying to update more, it’ll probably keep me more motivated while I start to prepare for the release. :^)

Anonymous asked: I played the demo, and all I can say : THIS GAME IS F**KING AWESOME!! And this is BL, OH MY GOD, MY FUJOSHI >//< !! Your art is too cute. I played the demo all night to try different routes, and I'm really fond that when Michael stop José from bullying Emmet, too much cute and sweet, I melted *q*
I read your new post, the full version will release this month? Oh my god, I'm so excited, really, I can't waiting for your update! Fighting for this game! I'm waiting! And make sure, you add some kiss

Aww omigosh, thank you! Your message really means a lot! I’m so happy your excited for it! ; o ;

Haha, and don’t you worry, there will be kissing~! B^D

making some good progress with some sprites!!! I might redo some more, but i’ll have to see. 

Anonymous asked: How's progress coming along? Can you give a release date?

Hiya there! I’ve been doing pretty good so far with the CG’s (and I’m happy with how they’re turning out soo yay!!) and so far I’ve got 10 left, which is only for the last ending now. I’ve got a lot of free time so I’m hoping to get the CG done in a week, since half of those I’ve lined or aren’t difficult ones to draw, and then I’ll just have to get it beta tested. Still sticking with the end of the month as a release date for now!

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May update

SOOO FMN has finally reached 100 followers…! I would draw something cute, but I’ve got my hands full with the CG. :’^D

I started this blog a little more than a year ago and I’m so happy to see how interested people have been in my project. I’ve gotten so much advice and warm comments, you all don’t know how much it means, thank you!

So with the rate of how the progress is going so far, I’m estimating the release to be either this month - late June!!! Just some of my plans in that time span:

  • finish the rest of the CG (17 left)
  • redo 3 sprites bc my artstyle changed after 2013 lmao (I’ve got sketches/linework done, just need to color em)
  • get the game beta tested
  • last edits to the script

Whew, we’re almost there guys! Sorry I kept pushing back the date, haha, but honestly, FMN is so close to being done. Thanks for keeping up with the progress! :^))))

rya12 asked: I played the demo (multiple routs) and i found it very adorable!!!!!! I can not wait to play the full game~

Thank you so much! I’m very glad you enjoyed it!!! :’^DD

April 9th Update

I’ve been counting some CG and I’ve realized that I’ve got like 25 CG’s left!!!!!! (Some have them have been already lined and I’ve got to color them)

Only problem is my computer is being fixed and I don’t have photoshop on my old laptop, so I guess I’m going to sketch some more and start messing around with the game.

And because I’ve almost got 100 followers and you guys are always so sweet, here’s a preview of just a few pieces of the CG!

gongzhuwu asked: Every time I see you update I get so happy!! Congrats on finishing those CGs! And good luck with the last ones <3! I cannot wait to play this :D

Thank you so much for the support! That means alot! ; w ; Omg you guys and your nice messages are killing me haha B’^)